Electronics. Giving Crap a Whole New Meaning!

Written by on 12/01/2011 in Beauty, Wellness - 7 Comments
Electronics. Giving Crap a Whole New Meaning!

You may want to think twice about that iPhone in your hand. Most high-tech gadgets such as computer keyboards, iPhones and Ipads, just to name a few, are harboring more of the bacteria that is found in human feces than toilets seats in the dirtiest of public bathrooms.

According to an infographic by Keeping it Klean, a public awareness campaign about food safety and hygiene, 16 percent of electronic devices such as that smartphone your carrying, are smeared with E. coli, the bacteria found in human feces. Which means that any other electronic device that you handle is not immune from contamination. The germs found on a computer keyboards are 150 times higher than acceptable bacteria levels.

So what is the filthiest of all devices? Remote controls in hotels, hospitals and even the one you’re keeping in your living room are dirtiest of all.

Worried? There are ways to keep the nastiest of all bacteria from achieving obscene levels. Gadget geeks can buy pricey ultraviolet light cleaners. Yes, like the ones used on CSI. But if your wallet can’t support that price tag here are some other thrifty suggestions for cleaning: Clorox wipes; rubbing alcohol with soft tissue; microfiber electronic cleaning clothes; household sanitizing wipes.

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7 Comments on "Electronics. Giving Crap a Whole New Meaning!"

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