Can I Have Him With A Side of Fries?

Written by on 01/11/2012 in Empowerment, Relationships - 5 Comments
Can I Have Him With A Side of Fries?

I know that I spend an alarming amount of time discussing my attempts at finding true love.  The truth is that I am still dating and looking for someone who makes me feel alive.  I beg you not to assume that I only have my head in the clouds and that I am not realistic of the work that it takes to be in an exclusive relationship. It is simply that I do not know what I am looking for but when I do find it I am sure that I will be ready for the ups and downs.  My distress is not at being alone but rather a disturbing new phenomenon that has just recently been brought to my attention.

Everyone considers the objectification of the male species okay regardless of how uncomfortable all the parties involved become.  I was standing in the media center of a local high school.  There was an attractive teacher that most of the women in the school would fantasize about if given the chance.  The male media center clerk became embarrassed when an older teacher made a comment about the way the attractive teacher filled out his jeans.  The comment appeared innocent enough and probably should have ended there but in the great tradition of awkward moments, the female teacher took things too far.

This woman began making grunting noises and describing indelicate sexual positions that made me scared for the husband she has at home.  She proceeded to goad the other students that are minors into admiring his form and urged them to vocalize his attractiveness for everyone in the immediate area.  The male teacher would look over occasionally at the extremely loud female teacher and her young charges.  I almost apologized for her behavior.  The female teacher then walked over to another woman and made the comment “I don’t know how you can concentrate with that fine piece of ass standing in front of you.”  I do not understand how in this day and age a woman could treat another human being in this way.  The sad part is that the gentleman is exactly that, a gentleman.   He did not make the teacher feel awkward but instead allowed the comments to continue.

I am a firm believer in being honest when someone has done something inappropriate.  I told this teacher that she was out of line and that this behavior could not continue. She of course did not see that she had done anything wrong.  The male media center clerk talked about what a great sport the attractive male teacher was but this view angered me.  I went back to the individual and had a conversation about how the incident was wrong.  He agreed that he should have had a more active role in stopping the comments.  The entire incident brought to mind how women would objectify men into the perfect beefcake.  This is not okay.  I remember what being treated as a purely sexual object felt like and it is not acceptable.  The idea that in order to land a man a person must express their sexual desires is a flawed theory and one that I thoroughly reject.

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Jacquelyn Gomez is the quirky, brunette sporting an insane halo of curls that hides a curiosity that often lands her in serious trouble. Most people would assume that she must be a nosy person with a penchant for gossip but please do not be fooled.

5 Comments on "Can I Have Him With A Side of Fries?"

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