Moving Forward by Stepping Back

Written by on 01/13/2012 in Beauty, Spirit - 9 Comments
Moving Forward by Stepping Back

I’ve heard that good things happen when you least expect it. Last year, I went from an unemployed college graduate who spent her days doing pilates and eating a lot of salads to a 40+ hour a week working lady who often forgets to pack lunch and sometimes has to eat Chick Fil A once and a while. I also gave up working out everyday since my job keeps me constantly moving. The “I’m not working out or eating super healthy all the time but yet I’m in better shape than I was before” mentality that quickly became my mantra was going well, until it came time to ring in the new year.

Just hours after I watched Anderson Cooper uncomfortably host a New Year’s Eve countdown with Kathy Griffin, I was overwhelmed by more than the fact that another year has come and gone too quickly. Perhaps more alarming than the stroke of a fresh new year, is the shear amount of diets, foods, and exercises that seem to grace every facet of the media come January 1.

As a health and holiday lover, I often swap my daily workouts for cookie baking or Christmas shopping throughout the month of December. After a few weeks of skipped workouts I usually feel the need to hit the ground running in January. Every year, I start a new workout regimen and stop myself from enjoying even a crumb of leftover holiday baked goods. Every year, it sucks.

This year I’ve decided to try something different and continue with my chilled out perspective. I’m going to stop focusing on getting a workout in everyday. Instead, I plan to exercise when I feel like it. Sometimes that means a walk around town other times it means a strength training/ yoga DVD session.

I also plan to stop focusing so much on getting the perfect calorie to calorie burned ratio. Instead, I plan to just eat. I like healthy food. I also like chocolate. Making room for both seems like a great way to stay satisfied and keep my sanity.

So I guess you could say my health related new year’s resolution is more of a step back than a move forward. That doesn’t sound like much of a resolution at first glance but I assure you, it is. New year’s resolutions are all about progression and for me, taking a step back would resolve a lot of stress in my life.

This year, I am going to stop focusing so much on being “the perfect picture of health” all the time. In my opinion health requires balance and sometimes balance requires taking a step back from the 5 day a week workout and 7 day a week carrot stick snacks. Sometimes health includes an end of the week dance fest downtown or a mid week iced coffee with 2 pumps of sugar laden syrup.

Starting now, I’m going to make 2012 the my healthiest year yet. I’m still going to eat whole foods and exercise weekly, but I’m not going to let it dictate every second of my life. It may seem like a giant step back, but it’s the only way to truly move forward.


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A recent graduate with a degree in Communications and Journalism, Amanda works as a secretary by day and writer by night. She writes about food and fashion on her blog, and serves as a Daytona Beach day trips advisor for See Magazine. She is hopelessly addicted to Twitter, dark chocolate, and Anderson Cooper and often spends her free time reading fashion magazines and watching Bravo TV.

9 Comments on "Moving Forward by Stepping Back"

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