About Us

PYNKlipstick magazine is a publication for women, by women. Established in Orlando, Florida in 2010 as an online magazine, PYNKlipstick is leading the way for setting new industry standards for women’s magazines by focusing on four core values that nourishes women’s minds, bodies, and souls. PYNKlipstick is Empowerment, Beauty, Intellect, and Philanthropy. PYNKlipstick is relevant, passionate, innovative, and at times a bit controversial.

The PYNKambassadors club serves as the community service branch of PYNKlipstick Magazine. PYNKambassadors is positive support group for female high school students. The first PYNKambassadors group was founded in Orlando, Florida in 2010. Members promote PYNK’s values through appropriate service activities and fundraisers that benefit the improvement of positive self-promotion and advocacy for a respectful self-image. PYNKambassadors hosts a series of forums throughout the year which features lectures from positive female role models from the surrounding area and community. PYNKlipstick fully supports and funds the group from outside personal donations and through the sales of PYNKlipstick’s advertising.