August 2011

From the Editor | August 2011

Dear Readers,

Our August issue marks our first official Fall Issue for PYNKlipstick. Yes, I did say Fall! (In keeping with the tradition of magazine writing we are a season ahead.) It’s hard to imagine the arrival of this season especially for those of us who have and are currently battling record-breaking summer temperatures.  But like it or not this season is knocking at our doorstep.

Fall marks the last change of the year before winter. Unlike winter, which symbolizes a time of rest and hibernation, the arrival of fall usually marks the last chance for a new beginning before the New Year. After all, it is during this time that the new school year begins, even the time most people start a new job, it also marks the change of weather, which triggers the change of your wardrobe and dare I say marks the welcome of the much-anticipated holiday season.

I hope by now that you have bookmarked us on your computer, have liked us on Facebook, and are following us on Twitter. Our writers are working hard at keeping our site updated on a daily basis and there is always something new to look at whether it is an article, a video clip on PYNKflix, or a new posting on our weekly entertainment guide in our PYNKpicks section. So make sure you continue to visit our site, as there is always something new.

This is the second month that will recognize an outstanding woman in a community in our Precisely PYNK section. This month’s featured woman is an educational therapist in California who has passion for educating all children and helping those with weaknesses find their strengths. If you know a woman who is making a difference in your community, let us know we would love to tell the world about her.

This month our PYNKambassador’s will be returning to campus. We will keep you updated on their current involvement in the community. To learn more about these spectacular young women or how you can get involved please visit our philanthropy tab at our site.

Lastly, please make sure you have registered for our newsletter, “A Touch of PYNK” which will be going out this month. Registering at the site will also allow you to take part in our symposiums and also give you the ability to leave comments to our writers.

Again, thank you for joining us on our journey.


Denise N. Hernandez | Editor in Chief

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