Becoming PYNKlipstick

The idea of PYNKlipstick was conceived almost three years ago, as a direct result of the economic and housing crash of 2008. It was also right around the time that educators became the scapegoat for politicians who pushed agendas that made teachers the enemies in eyes of parents who sent their children to public schools.

Three years have since passed, the economy has yet to make a dramatic improvement, the housing market has failed to bounce back, and educators around the nation are still public enemy number one thanks to the film “Waiting for Superman.”

Thus, it is working in the field of education that inspired me to create PYNKlipstick magazine and the PYNKambassadors group. As a secondary educator for the past 8 years, I have had the opportunity to witness tomorrow’s generation of leaders up close and personal. Some are inspirational and triumphant while others lack the desire and want for knowledge, self-respect, and self-improvement. Sadly, the upcoming generation of women seems grim. But all is not lost, with a little redirection in the this world of Facebook and Twitter, “millennials” particularly females, can redeem themselves by educating themselves with issues that matter by learning from other women whose personal life stories and contributions to society can impact all women including those of the future.

The creation of the PYNKambassadors group was inspired by my involvement and affiliation with my college sorority, Delta Zeta. As a Delta Zeta, sisters are taught to seek lasting friendships that matter. We are taught to seek out knowledge in order to become moral women of society.  It was becoming a Delta Zeta that taught me the importance of giving back to the community.  Therefore, the PYNKambassadors is a positive support group for female students. Members promote PYNK’s values through appropriate service activities and fundraisers that benefit the improvement of positive self-promotion and advocacy for a respectful self-image.

My former career as a journalist also serves as an inspiration to the creation of this magazine. The desire to seek out truth, investigate wrongs, meet people with interesting stories, serves as the backbone to this magazine. As a journalist, I have had the opportunity to serve as an eyewitness of humanity.

I like to consider PYNKlipstick a work in progress and something that I am passionate about. PYNKlipstick magazine is a publication for all women, put together by women.  PYNKlipstick is leading the way for setting new industry standards for women’s magazines by focusing on four core values that nourishes women’s minds, bodies, and souls. PYNKlipstick is Empowerment, Beauty, Intellect, and Philanthropy. PYNKlipstick is relevant, passionate, innovative, and at times a bit controversial.