Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines for Writers
PYNKlipstick does accept the submission of outside articles and personal essays. In addition to the articles and essays, PYNKlipstick does accept the submission of fiction writing.  We strive to publish anywhere between 3-6 writing pieces each month.

We would like any non-fiction writing piece to reflect and resonate with our women users and audience. Writing should reflect PYNKlipstick’s current editorial theme calendar.

Short stories and or novel excerpts do not need to follow the editorial calendar. PYNKlipstick will notify authors if their submission is accepted for publication.

All writing should be the writers/authors personal intellectual property. Plagiarized pieces will not be published and all future pieces submitted for consideration by the author will be returned.

Rules for submitting writing via email and U.S. postal service
If you would like to contribute a non-fiction essay or article online, please paste your entire writing piece along with a short bio in to the body of an email. PYNKlipstick will not open attachments. Writing submissions are limited to 1500 words. Do not send multiple submissions at one time. PYNKlipstick reserves the right to edit the material for length and content.

The submission of novel excerpts should not be submitted via email.  Novel excerpts should be submitted via the U.S. postal service to the address below:

Please submit the first chapter of the novel, along with a brief explanation of your novel and a short authors bio.  Author’s bios should be 2-3 sentences, which will run at the bottom of your submission.  Submissions without bios will not be used.

If your submission is time sensitive, please indicate this in the subject line. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible, but we may be unable to respond due to the high volume of submissions.

All writing pieces submitted to PYNKlipstick will not be returned.

Acceptance of Submissions
If your submission is accepted by PYNKlipstick magazine, the editors will contact you for more information. There is no payment for online stories or novel excerpts. NOTE: We consider each submission on spec. Even if we express an interest in a story we cannot guarantee it will be published. Articles may be pulled at last minute due to the lack of space.

We read submissions year round, all writing should be submitted a month prior to publication. For example, if you are writing for our December issue, it should be submitted by November 1 but we prefer two months in advanced.

Response Time
PYNKlipstick will do its best to respond to writing submissions in a timely manner, but we may not always be able to do so. We do not critique individual stories. If you have not received a response within four weeks please assume that we will not be using your work and please feel free to submit it elsewhere.