Destinations…Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Our feature section showcases articles that are written for PYNKlipstick’s editorial theme. Each month PYNKlipstick will feature a specific theme inspired by women’s needs, chosen by our writers. For the month of April 2011 PYNKlipstick chose “Destinations…Oh! The Places You’ll Go!”  With summer almost here, destinations made the perfect theme.

This month, several of our writers traveled abroad to Spain, London, and Australia and documented their individual experiences. Also included in this section is some travel advice on packing smart and staying healthy while on vacation. Our feature video on PYNKflix includes a short documentary shot by one of PYNKlipstick’s own contributors, Elizabeth Hererra-Reyes. This moving clip highlights a Haitian woman who forgoes American comforts to contribute to the rebuilding of her community in Haiti.

Destinations...Oh! The Places You'll Go!