Jacquelyn Gomez

Jacquelyn GomezJacquelyn Gomez is the quirky, brunette sporting an insane halo of curls that hides a curiosity that often lands her in serious trouble.  Most people would assume that she must be a nosy person with a penchant for gossip but please do not be fooled.  Jacquie, to her friends, hides a heart filled with compassion.  Her life’s work is a path paved with the need to help those less fortunate than herself.  As a child, Jacquie would travel to Dominican Republic with her family and help build communities in need.  Food, clothing, and time were donated each summer to remind her how fortunate she was to have running water and electricity.  Jacquie graduated from the High School of Telecommunication, Arts, and Technology after having indulged in all the wonders New York City has to offer.  Her next destination was Boston where her passion led her to earn her B.A. in English.  Throughout her college experience, Jacquie would volunteer at various charities including a Domestic Violence Shelter.  Jacquie is the true definition of a renaissance woman and seeks knowledge in a variety of topics that may seem foreign to some.  Her insomnia has allowed her to read anything that she may get access to and the search for a unique person to share her life with has been an exhilarating challenge.  The most notable aspect of Jacquie’s life is her ability to inspire her students to make choices that produce a future generation filled with intelligent leaders that do possess a soul.

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