June 2011

From the Editor | June 2011

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost upon us and with each month that passes PYNKlipstick continues to gain momentum.  However our work is not done. This month PYNKlipstick added PYNKflix to our site.  So far we have uploaded four videos to our site. Our first flick is exclusive to PYNKlipstick, which was featured in our April issue.  We also added a music video that showcases our very own Jacky Herrera, performing “Every Working Girl” for Angelina Duende. Other videos featured in the section include an introduction to the Pi Theta chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority who PYNKlipstick has partnered up with for our PYNKambassadors group.

We have added other features to our site this month. PYNKlipstick completed our first official book review for an upcoming author. This month we reviewed Hunter’s World by Fred Lichtenberg.  Please make sure you take the time to check out our review. If you know of an upcoming author please encourage them to submit their book to our site.

Also new to our site this month, is our featured woman section.  PYNKlipstick is recognizing outstanding women in communities around the country. This month’s featured woman is a prosecutor for the state of Florida who works for victims of domestic abuse.

Lastly, I ask that you tell your friends and family about PYNKlipstick and that you have them “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  They should also sign up for our newsletter, “A Touch of PYNK” which will be going out this month. They can register at our site. Registering at the site will also allow you to take part in our symposiums and also give you the ability to leave comments to our writer.

Again, thank you for joining us on our journey.


Denise N. Hernandez | Editor in Chief

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