May 2011

From the Editor | May 2011

PYNKlipstick has officially been launched for a month and I am happy to report that our viewership on the web is increasing thanks to you our faithful audience.

Since our launch on April 18, 2001 PYNKlipstick has posted articles on a regular basis as we continue to grow, this will happen more frequently. Have you checked out our PYNKpicks section? If not you should! PYNKpicks is updated on a weekly basis and showcases our favorites in the realm of entertainment for the week ranging from shows you should watch, movies you should attend, books you should read, and music you should download.  If you missed a week you can always go to our PYNKpicks tab and look at previous picks for previous weeks. We also added Precisely PYNK, which feature the best tweets and Facebook status updates for the week.  If you find some please send them to us to post. We have also added two new writers to the PYNKlipstick staff; make sure you check out Alicia’s and Samantha’s pieces in this issue.

Lastly, I ask that you tell your friends and family about PYNKlipstick and that you have them “like” us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.  They should also sign up for our newsletter, “A Touch of PYNK” which will be going out in June. They can register at our site. Registering at the site will also allow you to take part in our symposiums, which we will go full force with in June.

Again, thank you for joining us on our journey.


Denise N. Hernandez | Editor in Chief

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