October 2011

From the Editor | October 2011

Dear Readers,

October is an important month for women, which is why we chose the theme of “Fighting Back.” Not only does October mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which calls on all women to stand up and unite for one cause. But this awakening should also remind women to fight back and unite for other causes no matter how personal or trivial they think they may be.

Our PYNK Ambassadors are also out in full force this month and are participating in several events around the Orlando Area for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, including the Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness around Lake Eola on October 29th. If you would like learn more about our PYNK Ambassadors group please visit our Philanthropy tab on our website, you can also learn how you can become involved with our PYNK Ambassadors group and make a donation.

We hop you are enjoying our newsletter, “A Touch of PYNK” If you haven’t signed up for it yet, make sure you do by visiting our site. You can also text PYNKLIPSTICK on your phone to 22828 to get started.

Again, thank you for joining us on our journey.


Denise N. Hernandez | Editor in Chief

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