The Season of Change: Confronting Your Fears

Our feature section showcases articles that are written for PYNKlipstick’s editorial theme. Each month PYNKlipstick will feature a specific theme inspired by women’s needs, chosen by our writers. For the month of August we chose the theme of “The Season of Change: Confronting Your Fears”.

Fall marks the last change of the year before winter. Unlike winter, which symbolizes a time of rest and hibernation, the arrival of fall usually marks the last chance for a new beginning before the New Year. After all, it is during this time that the new school year begins, even the time most people start a new job, it also marks the change of weather, which triggers the change of your wardrobe and dare I say marks the welcome of the much-anticipated holiday season.

To mark this transition our writers have written articles, in which they have confronted their fears by choosing to change, which for most of us never comes easy.

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