Taking My Sweater Off
08/09/2011, 3 Comments

I was never a shy child. According to my parents, I never met a camera that I did not like. I was always friendly and outgoing. But what I remember …

The Great Assualt on Our Childhood

The Great Assault on Our Childhood

06/21/2011, 20 Comments

With Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese in charge, I am proud to say that my generation, for the most part turned out just fine. But now, liberals and ...

More U.S. Women Using “Morning After” Pill

More U.S. Women Using “Morning After” Pill

06/02/2011, 21 Comments

More women in the United States seem to be using the morning after pill more frequently now that it the emergency contraceptive pill is available over ...

Living With—Being a Rape Victim

Living With—Being a Rape Victim

05/31/2011, 15 Comments

I surround myself everyday with other people to mask the effects of what happened that night.  I claim indifference when others express their love fo ...

  • Deflecting a Negative Reflection
    Deflecting a Negative Reflection
    05/20/2011, 11 Comments

    There are more than one billion starving people in the world today. There are one billion bellies that aren’t full, one billion bloodstreams that don’t have enough nutrients, and one ...

  • Beautiful and Bruised, But Not Beaten
    Beautiful and Bruised, But Not Beaten
    05/20/2011, 10 Comments

    When Sheila* was younger, her dad would tuck her into bed and read her a story each night. Sometimes, the stories were about furry, friendly animals that could talk. Sometimes, ...

  • Fashion 101
    Fashion 101
    04/18/2011, 24 Comments

    The definition of fashion is a prevailing custom or style of dress. To introduce fashion into your everyday life is to add color to your soul. I see fashion as ...