Moving Forward by Stepping Back
01/13/2012, 9 Comments

I’ve heard that good things happen when you least expect it. Last year, I went from an unemployed college graduate who spent her days doing pilates and eating a lot …

Ho, Ho Ho or Bah, Humbug

Ho, Ho Ho or Bah, Humbug

12/12/2011, 8 Comments

Let’s take a quick poll. How many of you are feeling jolly right about now? You know. Ho, ho, ho and all that stuff. My guess is that many of .. ...

"It’s Not Easy Being Green…"

“It’s Not Easy Being Green…”

11/13/2011, 2 Comments

Kermit the Frog said it best. It is definitely hard to be different. Always wondering why you are not like others. Why your family is not like your fr ...

Post Grad: A Lesson In Independence

Post Grad: A Lesson In Independence

11/13/2011, 2 Comments

The closing statement at my college graduation ceremony ended with the words, “Now go get a job.” At the time, this charge seemed like something I ...

  • Taking My Sweater Off
    Taking My Sweater Off
    08/09/2011, 3 Comments

    I was never a shy child. According to my parents, I never met a camera that I did not like. I was always friendly and outgoing. But what I remember ...

  • Living With—Being a Rape Victim
    Living With—Being a Rape Victim
    05/31/2011, 15 Comments

    I surround myself everyday with other people to mask the effects of what happened that night.  I claim indifference when others express their love for my actions or me and ...

  • State of Women
    The State of Women
    04/18/2011, 25 Comments

    For the first time in almost five decades, the White House has conducted a report on the welfare of women in the United States. The last time a study was ...