Gina Zavalis
01/26/2012, 17 Comments

With a three + octave range and a voice that’s comparable to Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion, Gina Zavalis is making waves in the music industry. A seasoned performer, Gina …

Abby Holden

Abby Holden

01/11/2012, 5 Comments

Up and coming artist Abby Holden hails from New Zealand and has been building quite the fan base among the London music scene where she is receiving r ...

A Lesson In Movement And Grace

A Lesson In Movement And Grace

01/11/2012, 4 Comments

As a young child, the movement of a ballerina mesmerized me.  The style, elegance, and grace of movement would inspire me to dance.  It should not b ...

Best Gifts for Food Lovers

Best Gifts for Food Lovers

12/22/2011, 17 Comments

Shopping for a food lover can be harder than it looks. Of course, they probably love food, but after a few dinners out or homemade batches of cookies ...

  • Christmas Goes Hollywood
    Christmas Goes Hollywood
    12/13/2011, 2 Comments

    Are you a movie buff? A Christmas fanatic? Who isn’t, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’re crazy about movies and Christmas, too. And, thankfully, there are ...

  • Spending Habits
    Spending Habits
    11/13/2011, 12 Comments

    A cocktail lunch, a shopping spree worth thousands of dollars, a cat fight with a girlfriend, and dancing the night away. All in a days work for a typical American ...

  • Malea McGuinness
    Malea McGuinness
    11/13/2011, 38 Comments

    Talented and charismatic singer, songwriter, and storyteller, Malea McGuinness, has released her 3rd album, “Sweet”. Her lyrics are as alluring as her striking features and her voice adds an edgy ...

  • The Impossible Victory? Or Psychological Defeat
    The Impossible Victory? Or Psychological Defeat
    10/12/2011, 23 Comments

    Americans love to compete. Children compete for the attention of their parents. Students compete for the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian. Co-workers compete for in-house promotions, and research institutions compete ...

  • Julia Alvarez
    Julia Alvarez
    09/26/2011, 14 Comments

    Novelist Julia Alvarez is best defined as a survivor. Having fled from the Dominican Republic twice to the United States, Alvarez later chronicles her experiences in both the Dominican Republic ...

  • Sandra Cisneros
    Sandra Cisneros
    09/19/2011, 18 Comments

    Latina literature is one of the fastest growing areas of American literature today, and the impact Latina writers have had on the literary scene is undeniable. In celebration of Hispanic ...