What Women Really Need to Know About Football?
09/03/2011, 13 Comments

It’s that time of year again! Today officially marks the start of football season. Okay! Pre-season football started last month for the NFL, but lets be honest! It’s the opening …

Facing Hurdles in the Saddle

Facing Hurdles in the Saddle

08/09/2011, 2 Comments

There we were: each on his own mount, tightening our legs and squeezing our butts in perfect rhythm while remaining steady in the saddle. The instruct ...

Driving with Children for a Family Vacation

Driving With Children for a Family Vacation

04/18/2011, 29 Comments

Once you have children, traveling by air may not always be the most affordable way to travel. Chances are that once you have children those overseas t ...

Packing Smart

Packing Smart

04/18/2011, 25 Comments

Packing smart really means packing light and taking less. Below are some useful packing tips complied by REI Adventure Trips and some of our traveling ...

  • Traveling Solo in Madrid
    Traveling Solo In Madrid
    04/18/2011, 39 Comments

    There is something to be said for traveling solo–the independence, sense of adventure and taking over the world one city at a time! I enjoy the exhilaration of figuring out where ...

  • Traveling Down Under
    Traveling Down Under
    04/18/2011, 27 Comments

    “G’day,” “Down under,” “Put a shrimp on the Barbie!” These are just a few catch phrases I was thinking I would use while in Australia. Reality of it all is ...

  • Loving London
    Loving London
    04/18/2011, 92 Comments

    Home to Charles Dickens and David Beckham alike, London is a city brimming with a rich history and unique urban culture. From the Tower of London to Harrod’s, London has ...