My Bright Obsession
12/22/2011, No comments

It’s Christmas time and you know what that means? Obsession is the reason for the season. Along with the obligatory “Happy Holidays” greetings from every stranger you walk by, and …

Life, Love, and The Pursuit of Perfection?

Life, Love, and The Pursuit of Perfection?

07/27/2011, 14 Comments

The pursuit of happiness is an ideal that has driven people for centuries. American forefathers were certain to include such an ideal as an inalienabl ...

To Love, Honor and Cohabitate?

To Love, Honor and Cohabitate?

07/14/2011, 10 Comments

I like to clean the fridge every three days to be free from leftovers. I also throw out any milk that is over 2 days old. I blame this on ...

The Science of Attraction

The Science of Attraction

06/22/2011, 10 Comments

What do women want? Well that is a question of the ages and for the first times researchers may finally have an answer. Guys want to look sexy and the ...

  • Technologically Inept
    Technologically Inept
    06/17/2011, 45 Comments

    Being thrust into the world of singledom after being in back-to-back relationships for six years can be a challenge for any girl—especially for a girl who was naïve enough to ...

  • Diary of a Broken Heart
    Diary of a Broken Heart
    06/08/2011, 16 Comments

    It was 2:30 on the morning. I lay in bed, clutching my stuffed pig Gary and listening to the sounds of Coldplay and Third Eye Blind emanating from my iPod. ...

  • june_themedWedding001
    How to Tame the Themed Wedding
    06/08/2011, 12 Comments

    Telling your maid of honor you are having a themed wedding is a quick way to cause a meltdown… and maybe some laughter. Themed weddings are often considered cheesy, overdone, ...

  • The Awkward First Date
    The Awkward First Date
    06/01/2011, 19 Comments

    Every person who begins the challenge of online dating should know one cardinal rule that is passed down to every brave person who begins this journey—people embellish.  Of course I ...

  • Living With—Being a Rape Victim
    Living With—Being a Rape Victim
    05/31/2011, 15 Comments

    I surround myself everyday with other people to mask the effects of what happened that night.  I claim indifference when others express their love for my actions or me and ...